Thursday, September 26, 2013

State of the Biz
 fall 2013

Siiigh, my darling client Heidi is moving to Hartford. When Heidi asked me if I would work with her last November, she was my second client: it was like how two points form a line. Up to that point I had been gleefully experimenting on my first clients, Chuck and Kris, but really from that moment on, I had a direction. We've done so much good work in this past year, and for the record Heidi's the only one who's been consistently using that heavy bag that's been hanging in the space, and also the one who's been underwriting these 6pm open skates every Thursday if you didn't know. Godspeed and go kick some Connecticut ass, Heidi!

So starting mid-October, there will be three clients. I will be petting them insanely. And there will be my six-week squat bootcamp starting October 3, that will fill the gap for six weeks at least. My life, lol, I totally love my life, but my life is like this plane trying to get off the ground, it's like bzzzzz, woo, we have liftoff, where any small amount of fuel added is equally matched by a small hole punched in the fuel tank, and to be fair, where any small hole punched in the fuel tank is equally matched by a small amount of fuel added, so it's like this plane pretty consistently flying two feet off the ground. Like my parents were serious about buying me these thirty-year savings bonds all when I was a kid, and whoa, it's been thirty years now, so I've been redeeming and partly living on them for the past few years, and all of a sudden last year, there was no bond for that month in the envelope, just a note from my dad saying that there had been an emergency and they'd cashed in the next four years of bonds, and that exact month is when I got my first clients Chuck and Kris, who picked up paying me just about the same amount I'd been getting for the bonds. Anyway so now Heidi is leaving, and I just picked up two extra days at work, so it evens out. Bzzzzz.

I feel like this is a good way to go. I may have said already. Working at my job part-time and as a trainer part-time, I mean. I do better with stability, so that's definitely working for now. And I might do better with balance, maybe that's how it's going to work from now on?

I mean, I have wishes. I have a dream. I have a dream that we rehab the downstairs apartment in lieu of rent and turn the front room into a little gym where I can work with folks. How much do you have to work, though, to pay for all that, on top of your living expenses, and health insurance? I really have no idea, I figure the first thing to do is to ask the question, not to anybody in particular, just ask it out loud, I guess to the universe. Then after the universe I guess to myself, who can actually figure it out.

I just got a letter from Fitness Formula Club, where I interviewed right after I got certified and was rightfully dinged, inviting me to update my resume with them. I don't think this is what I want. Is this what I want? I sure as hell would interview better with a year of experience under my belt, omg some of the things I said. Aah.