Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Owner's Guide to Replacing Your Hockey Helmet Strap

replacing your helmet strap

So hey, a thing that can happen with your hockey helmet is, you can hit your head on the floor—and your helmet protects your head from that impact, so I'm totally fine—but then the snap on the strap pops open and the helmet flies off your head and rolls away, what a weird sight that was, it was like seeing my head roll away. Anyway, I got my helmet just about three years ago, and I remember the snap was actually hard to fasten and the guy at Gunzo's said that it would loosen up and be easier to fasten, and eventually it would not stay fastened, in which case I could replace just the strap. So, that happened. Funk very nicely got me a new strap from Gunzo's and I'm back in business and telling you this because your helmet may be about the same age as mine, you may want to check how good your snap is and maybe get a new strap for a few bucks.