Monday, July 29, 2013

Blanched and Sauteed Kale

blanched and sauteed kale

I love this Buffalo Bill's-eye view of the kale at the bottom of my stock pot.

Getting up the starch to get myself a little bit of vegetable to go with my spacefood. A little bit of kale is going to be delish with meat and rice, and I already told you about meat and greens and sweet potato. I guess I can tack this at the end of my cooking practice, it's easy and Jewel has giant bags of prewashed, precut kale and also collards and mustard greens, how much more can I ask for.

a bag of kale
olive oil
3-5 cloves garlic

Bring water to boil in a stock pot over high heat. Empty the bag of kale into the boiling water, squish it down with a wooden spoon, and let it come back to a boil. When you can smell the kale, pour it out and drain in a colander.

Mince garlic and heat olive oil in a saute pan—or back in the stock pot if you don't feel like dirtying another pan, but it takes a bit longer to cook down then—over medium high heat. Add the blanched kale to the pan, then the garlic and a bit of salt. Saute kale until it's fairly dry and cooked down, about ten minutes.