Wednesday, July 24, 2013

T-Shirt Surgery: A Cylon Back Top

golden bowl back

Haha remember when cylons' backs used to light up when they had sex? Maybe I can string some lights back there.

I think my racerback t-shirt is so popular because it includes pretty good instructions, but meh. All I did for this was cut off the neck and sleeves, cut out where it said VOLUNTEER on the back, and cut off just the hem at the bottom (which I am wearing in my hair). Then I cut up the back in 1-inch strips roughly between the inside edges of both arm straps all the way down, stretched the strips, and then figured out what to do to pull the t-shirt closer to my torso. It needed to be pulled in quite a bit, so I ended up knotting loops in the middle of all the strings and then knitting the loops together—i.e., poking the second loop up through the top loop and pulling it down, then the third loop through the second loop, and so on, tying it off in a little tail loop at the bottom. I know that a picture would be worth a thousand words, but the drawing stuff is ...over there.

golden bowl front

Even after all that, there was more to be taken in. I pleated the front, just eyeballed and pinned where it looked good and ran a line of handstitching over the pleats. I folded in the straps a bit too, so that made some pleats in the underarm area.

Il est okay. It was something to do last night while watching the interminable Cloud Atlas.