Thursday, July 18, 2013

Training Skeleton Redux

training skeleton redux After working with it a bit I redid my training skeleton, which is how I do:

  • I took out body composition as its own goal, I'm just not into that. Improved body composition as a function of fitness or performance, grudgingly okay.
  • I added BAMF! as a supplement between Get Active and Get Fit.
  • And here you see SNIKT! as a supplement. Most of the stuff that was under body composition is here. Really though sleep and reducing stress and improving diet are not just about your body fat percentage, but so much more—quality of life. Hell yeah, sleeping better and reducing your stress and eating better will get you lean, and also improve your athletic performance; but also you will sleep better and have less stress and be healthier and feel better, what more do you want.
  • I played around with this in my mind and finally came up with Get Elite for what I'm going to call the top tier training.
So now you have three training levels to choose from, plus two booster programs.

Where am I on this, I mean with talking about this. I think I have talked about Get Active and BAMF! I personally have been implementing BAMF! and SNIKT! for almost six months, so that is what I have the most to talk about.