Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Greek Yogurt Cherry Chia Smoothie

greek yogurt cherry chia smoothie

I use the Bella Cucina Rocket Blender to make my smoothies.

This is my new supereasy smoothie: just greek yogurt, frozen fruit, chia seeds, a little agave or honey for sweetness, and almond milk, but not in that order. Mainly you want to put the chia and the sweetener last so they don't trickle to the bottom of the cup, which when you turn it upside down is the top and then they get stuck up there.

Cherry just happens to be pictured, but I also do peaches, mangoes, mixed berries, and strawberries too.

frozen fruit
about half a cup of greek yogurt
almond milk to fill the cup
a spoonful of chia seeds
a squirt of agave or honey
a spoonful of creatine,

Put enough frozen fruit to half fill the blender cup, then the greek yogurt, then fill with almond milk. Spoon in the chia, and squirt in some agave. Screw on the cap, stick the cup on the motor base, and blend for 30 seconds. Then take it off the base and give it a little shake to get anything that's stuck on the top of the cup. Blend for another 20 seconds or until the smoothie is churning freely from top to bottom.