Friday, July 5, 2013

Carne Asada and Rice
 or carnitas and rice

carne asada and rice

Let us end this week on spacefood, this is what I eat before practice. I tried cauliflower and rice, and rice won. Because rice is 100% digestible and cauliflower not always, I only have to blow up like a Macy's balloon once to not care whether or not cavemen ate grains. Also nothinggggg is easier than these Trader Joe's microwavable rice packets. And they're not too expensive, though it does mean the sweetie man has to trek out to Trader Joe's and in that case I do wish that there were more than three packets per box, like I wish there were five smaller packets per box. One packet is not enough for the two of us and slightly too much for one serving, which of course means omnomnomnom. So I limit myself to eating these only before practice; it works specifically for this purpose, and I wouldn't otherwise.

If you don't eat grains, I'll tell you what's actually a better and perfectly digestible spacefood dinner: half a roasted sweet potato, a big scoop of sauteed kale, and a scoop of carne mushed together. I'm not roasting sweet potatoes in summer though, and I hope I get a little bit more patience for cooking back by fall and can power through putting a container of sauteed kale in the fridge for the week.

a packet of Trader Joe's microwavable rice
a scoop of carne asada or carnitas

Cook the packet of rice according to the package instructions, it's like three minutes in the microwave.

Empty the packet into a bowl, then scoop some carne over.

Heat the carne and rice for another three minutes in the microwave.

Another glass of water with dinner, remember. All you have to wash is your bowl and your spoon.