Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hardboiled Eggs, Avocado and Tomato

hardboiled eggs with avocado and tomato

OMG another picture of hardboiled eggs, avocado and tomato.

Okay so, this week I'm going to presume that you prepped your week's food on your cooking day and so these "recipes" start from there.

And first of all, do you know how many times I've had the thought, somebody should invent disposable cutting boards that come on a roll, and do you know what, these are called paper towels. Globally I honestly think it's a wash, har, between using a paper towel versus washing the whole cutting board, and personally I definitely know that it frees me up to not have a sink full of dishes day in and day out. Though it does make me wish for a compost pile, I could whisk the paper towel and vegetable scraps right into the compost. I don't actually want a garden, I just want to compost.


a plum tomato
an avocado
two hardboiled eggs
kosher salt
lime juice

So you lay down your paper towel and cut up your tomato and put it in a bowl, and sprinkle it with kosher salt.

Then you cut up your avocado, put it in the bowl, and sprinkle it with lime juice. I use ReaLime which is not the best, but very convenient. I suppose you could cut up a jar of limes when you do your lemon, too. At work I have one of those squeezy plastic limes.

Then you have avocado on your hands; so you wash your hands and as long as you're doing that, you can wash your knife.

Then you peel the eggs, rinsing off bits of shell as needed. Split the eggs with your fork—I actually worked out that this is better than slicing the eggs with the knife. Because sometimes the yolk clings to the knife. Whereas it all goes to the same place if it clings to the fork.

Then you wrap up all the peels in the paper towel and if you're a very good person, you toss it in the compost. I have to get on this.

Ta da, bowl of hardboiled eggs, avocado and tomato. The only thing you had to wash was the knife and it's already done, and after breakfast all you have is the bowl and the fork.

I drink a glass of water with my breakfast and after breakfast, I get a cup of coffee.