Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of Season Gear Roundup

I'm not the gearhead that I used to be, I know what I like and have settled down:

Bauer 7500 hockey helmet
No change.

custom mouthguard, courtesy of Dr. Michael Harada
No change (lower picture), though I should get it checked for fit.

187 wrist guards, elbow and knee pads
New this season, and all holding up very well.

wrist and elbow gaskets
No change.

Gladiator knee gaskets
Need a new pair, I go through a pair a season. Love them, though.

Ezeefit ankle booties
Sigh, I replaced my old pair that I had for two years before they fell apart, and I don't know why but the new pair just doesn't fit right; they scrunch down my heels and under my feet, which is so annoying. Yet I can't do without, I immediately get a blister on the inside arch of my right foot. I guess I will buy another new pair and hope for the best.

Riedell Torch skates with 495 boots and PowerDyne Reactor aluminium plate
New this season, love love love.

Powerdyne red magic cushions
I had been on oranges on my Vandals, but Steve put these in my Torches and I skate great overall in my new skates. I don't know if it's the boots or the plates or the cushions, but it all works!

Snyder round toestops
No change.

Bones Swiss bearings
No change.

Atom Juke 97 Slim wheels
New this season! Discovered Juke 97s last June at ECDX, swapped half of them for half of my 95s, then went all 97s I forget when. Never looked back, I experience these wheels as grippy even. YMMV!