Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Buyer's Guide to Wheels: Atom Jukes

juke 95s and 97s (!)

I have way calmed down on wheels, you might not even know. I had this blog for about a year before I rebooted it to make it better, like My Sweet Audrina, by which time I had finally settled on Juke 95 slims and have been skating pretty happily on them this past season. I'm not even sure that I need new wheels, I just don't want to not catch up to the obvious until preseason and have to break in new wheels then.

So I was just picking up a couple four-packs of new Juke 95s at ECDX when I saw... Juke 97s. OOOoooOOOOOooooo. People think that I'm on the light side to be skating on 95s, but they really do grip for me and I am sooo slow in 93s. Now I did try Fusions (97s) on our skate court, and it was Very Bad. Those are standard height wheels though, I do think the Jukes' shorter height works for me. Like I have better control on Jukes than I did on D-Rods (standard height, 95s). Anyway I don't know when Jukes started being available in 97s, but I am stoked. I got a four-pack to try for my outside wheels, will see how that goes.

Oh and another thing, Grn Mnstr was taking preorders for a new kind of short, slim wheel that I have forgotten its name but is next on my list. See how the face of the Jukes is flat, this new wheel has a lip. Pictures will be better than words, TK but probably not for a little while...