Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Bean and Avocado Wrap with Red Cabbage Slaw

black bean and avocado wrap

I got the idea for this from here and because I'm me, I have to make it as easy as possible in eight variations. But the basic idea is 1) mashed beans and avocado with a little salsa mixed in, 2) topped with some sort of cabbage slaw or salad greens, 3) wrapped in a tortilla. Now the dealio with cabbage is, cabbage is huge. I wish cabbages were the size of grapefruits. Who knows how long a whole cabbage will last, I've gotten a week's worth of wraps out of a quarter of a small red cabbage. So even though I'm going to present different distinct recipes for these wraps, I forsee them actually happening with whatever beans and slaw I happen to have on hand...

3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
a quarter head of red cabbage
a small tomato
two green onions
a chipotle pepper
a can of black beans
an avocado
1 Tbsp lime juice
fajita-size whole wheat tortillas

Whisk the olive oil into the vinegar in a large bowl. Finely slice the red cabbage. Add it to the dressing, toss, and set aside.

Finely dice the tomato, and mince the green onions and chipotle. Rinse and drain the beans and mash in a flat bowl (I use my skillet) with a potato masher. Peel and pit the avocado and mash it right into the beans. Stir in the tomato, onion, chipotle, and lime juice.

To make a wrap, I toast a tortilla right on an open burner with tongs. Spread a stripe of bean mash across the middle of the tortilla, top that with some slaw, then roll it up.