Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fishnet Surgery: An Easy Undershirt

fishnet shrug

This is just a pair of fishnets upside down, right? Really the only trick is to remember to make the hole a lot smaller than your head, I just snipped out the three inches of crotch seam and that's it. Well also, I cut the toes off and tore little holes for my thumbs. I left the waistband on, so it all stays put.

To put it on, you stick your head in the hole and then carefully put your arms in the legs one at a time. I wear this under sleeveless t-shirts and tank tops, here's what it looks together.

If you make the hole for your head the size of your head, it'll roll down your shoulders. Which is a look, but then you can't fuss with it on; that's the rule.