Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Food Plan

So you know my basic guideline for eating around workouts is:

complex carbs &
light protein

simple carbs
simple carbs &
light protein
complex carbs &
light protein
complex carbs &
heavy protein

Immediately before/after means within 45 minutes, before/after means within 1-3 hours, and between means more than 3 hours before or after workouts.

Since my workouts are mostly in the evening, it works out like this:

  • Drink - water when I wake up
  • Breakfast - complex carbs and light protein - yogurt-based smoothies
  • Lunch - complex carbs and heavy protein - avocado bean wraps, in development
  • Dinner - complex carbs with light protein - pasta salads
  • Workout Drink - simple carbs - CocoOJ2O
  • Post-Workout Snack - complex carbs with light protein - banana-based smoothie

If I could decide whether I want to eat an afternoon snack, that could be complex carbs with heavy or light protein. Though really I only ever eat light protein, all yogurt or beans or tofu and whatever protein is in whole grains. That also makes it pretty easy to flop my meals around when I do work out in the morning or afternoon.

You may be thinking that's a lot of smoothies. I just don't feel like cooking, I don't know what's up. I thought about just eating cereal for dinner, but that's too much sweet for me and I'll burn out. You know what would be great, savory cereal. I guess that is called chips.

What I'm trying to reconcile myself with is, really is it so wrong to get a coffee and bagel from Corner Bakery for breakfast and then a sandwich for lunch on the two days I work? Or even better, a salad? I like their salads, I would be actually eating fresh vegetables twice a week. I feel pretty comfortable about this nutritionally, and am starting to think that's it's financially worth it. Really the main part I feel bad about is all the plasticware, which I don't need. I have silverware at my desk. I was throwing the unopened plasticware into my desk drawer and then I had to move my plasticware collection to a bigger drawer, it's getting like the Sorcerer's Apprentice in there. I try to catch them before they give me more, but sometimes I'm not fast enough.