Friday, August 6, 2010



This is my new drink for workouts: coconut water for electrolytes, orange juice for sugar, and water. I've been drinking OJ2O for years for fuel and hydration during workouts. Electrolytes are salts, you lose water and salts in sweat. Salts carry the electrical charges that keep your muscles moving, and also keep them from cramping later on.

And the coconut water smoothes out the taste of the orange juice, so this is very easy to drink.

about a cup of orange juice
small container of coconut water

I just eyeball this, so I'm just guessing at the measurements. Just fill a liter bottle—that's an empty seltzer water bottle, by the way— with a few glugs of orange juice, a thing of coconut water, and then the rest water. If I'm at the space, I top it off with water with every drink for extra cooling and hydration. So I guess I drink about two liters of fluid per practice?