Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Food Plan Falls Apart

So what happens when you make a huge pasta salad to eat all week... for ten weeks... is that you hit the wall and can't eat pasta salad, and then your whole food plan falls apart. Which is pretty much the argument for things like biodiversity, but oh well. Not that I'm not totally for biodiversity, big thumbs up for biodiversity! But I sort of expect my personal systems to work and then not work, and then to have to put them together again, and that's how I keep it interesting.

The basic principles for planning my food around my fitness plan still stand:

complex carbs &
light protein

simple carbs
simple carbs &
light protein
complex carbs &
light protein
complex carbs &
heavy protein

Immediately before/after means within 45 minutes, before/after means within 1-3 hours, and between means more than 3 hours before or after workouts.

Complex carbs and light protein before workout

This means dinner, and this was pasta salad. So I need to think of something that's mostly carbs with a little bit of protein, and it was nice to be actually eating vegetables. Perhaps quinoa, which Helliot is a huge fan of. Could I even make the exact same pasta salad recipes with quinoa instead of pasta? Would that taste different enough? Or maybe some rice and tofu combinations? Something that doesn't take too much time to cook.

If I'm not eating pasta salad, what the hell am I eating? I have no idea. I had a milkshake and pancakes last night before speed. That wasn't bad, actually. Somebody make me pancakes every night.

Simple carbs immediately before workout

I'm still not having pre-workout snacks, still don't need them. I drink CocoOJ2O now during practice now, and it's all I need. If I start doubling up workouts in the fall, I may add back dates stuffed with coconut oil. Can't have those in summer anyway, because coconut oil melts when it's hot out.

Simple carbs and light protein immediately after workout

I bumped cereal to be my post-workout snack. Just raisin bran with sliced almonds and silk, and then I'm good to go to bed.

Complex carbs and light protein after workout

For breakfast, I'm having smoothies now. Good fuel for my Saturday and Sunday morning practices, and also for riding my bike into work. Recipe TK!

Complex carbs and heavy protein between workouts

Oh yes, I also have to rethink this since my work hours have been reduced. I guess I could just readjust to bringing a brown bag lunch on the two days that I work, instead of a whole bag of groceries every week. Instead of bringing nothing, which means that I get my lunch from downstairs and it's always bad. And am back to chex mix and coke for my afternoon snack.