Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Play Wear

summer workout wear

This is what I would look like after the rapture, if I passed muster. Not that I would.

You get that I write about fashion only in the broadest sense of "fabric that covers your nakedness," right? I mostly want clothing not to take up too much of my time, which is why I am all about uniforms. But not in the sense of having a fetish for UPS drivers. I like to find items that work, then stock up to my eyeballs on said items. That means the same perfect khakis in three different colors for work wear, so that I sort of look like I'm trying. What's even better for me, though, is four of the same white tank and two of the same black tank—the Fury scrimmages in white, but sometimes you have to play black at team practice—umpty pairs of cut-off white socks for arm gaskets, three of the same black sport bra (though I got two ultrafancy orange sport bras as hand-me-downs from Kola), eight of the same black leggings, eight of the same black boyshorts.

I have different socks! Though this season I am phasing out all the ones that aren't black or grey, or obviously my (three pairs of) orange Fury socks. For off-skates workouts, I ditch the long socks and wear no-show white socks. I'd like to wear no-show socks for skating, but it's annoying to get on my knee gaskets over just my leggings. They roll up, you know?

I was superexcited to find two more packages of those boyshorts at Target. I thought they had been discontinued, which I was bereft about. They're the same cut as Derby Skinz, but they're $8.49 for a package of two! So I have lots of cotton skinz for practice and my fancy Fury skinz for bouts. Target's been messing around with their leggings, which I wish they wouldn't. I loved those $6.99 Xhiliration leggings; they're so thin and cheap that they're see-through, but that's what the boy shorts are for. Now they're Mossimo leggings and they have this awful wide waistband, which I can't skate in. I bought some of them for work & the only good thing is, I can tell apart my work leggings from my workout leggings by looking at the waistband. And another good thing is, derby means never having to say sorry for having holes in your leggings.

I'm wearing the tanks plain for preseason, because they have to be washed before printing my name and number on the back and why wash a perfectly clean tank. After they've been washed, I will have printing instructions.