Friday, June 3, 2011

June Diet Quality Card

june diet card

So I backslid to coffee and blueberry muffin, and then coffee and bagel with cream cheese and then also bought lunches at work. And lemon bars, the crystal meth of baked goods, for the afternoon snacks that I supposedly don't need.

But I haven't had food made because I was having too much fun making human anatomy flash cards for the personal training certification that I'm studying for and I didn't feel like being interrupted to cook veganly beans again. I mean, what does that tell you. In no particular order: 1) you, Munt, are an organism that needs food to function, no matter how much fun is going down, 2) your idea of fun is a little weird, 3) you know that it's cheaper and better to cook for yourself, 4) but god, sometimes, cooking and eating and doing dishes day in and day out, 5) the sweetie man says, it's like you're in the grip of Big Food, 6) hahaha, 7) probably I'm burning out on veganly beans, 8) now that I'm thinking, this blog is not just a witness but an agent for how I eat, 9) I mean, it pretty much keeps me turning over new recipes, and 10) about twelve weeks is long enough for me to play out the variations on a theme, and then it's time to change with the season.

I lied about that not being in order.

And it's finally summer, right? I have ideas for summer salads.

But I do need to take a little break, I've learned that the food plan falling apart means that I need reculer pour mieux sauter. Brb.