Friday, July 1, 2011

July Diet Quality Card

For days that I'm at home:

july diet card - home

This looks pretty good! I could stand to eat an extra piece of fruit every day, probably—

For days that I'm at work:

july diet card - work

Argh argh, it would be so much better if I brought my own whole wheat bagels with greek yogurt cheese and made my own chopped salads. I actually am leaning toward making my own salads. I like Corner Bakery's all right, but I don't really want bacon twice a week and only sort of like blue cheese. Also it only comes with a quarter of an avocado! Who only eats a quarter of an avocado? If I get rid of the bacon and blue cheese, I think can have a whole avocado or at least half. I do like the chicken, though. If I'm making this myself though, I would do something else besides chicken. Probably beans. Maybe egg. I don't eat eggs at home, but technically this isn't home and I do need more protein.