Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Play Wear

summer play wear

Play wear is the same all year round, I discovered that I need to wear leggings instead of footless tights in summer. Because in winter and spring I wear my snowsuit or bike pants over the tights to ride my bike to practice, but in summer it's too hot and I feel trampy riding my bike in footless tights. It sounds horrible to have to wear leggings in this hot weather. But it's okay, because they're full of holes. I'm just going to wear a hodgepodge of leggings and footless tights until things completely fall apart.

12 black bandanas
8 white tanks, 4 black tanks
3 black sport bras
12 black/grey leggings
12 black boyshorts
12 black/grey socks
running shoes

ETA: Just rediscovered that no show socks are totally fine to skate in, might stick with them for the rest of summer.