Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Work Wear

Still going with:

2 cotton sateen miniskirts
2 denim miniskirts

These really are good little all-season skirts, I'm still wearing them with leggings even into summer:

4 black leggings
2 grey leggings
2 blue leggings

According to the chart, I actually have five of those black leggings. Doodly doo.

So I just change the tops. Tank tops for when it's in the eighties, t-shirts more when it's in the sixties. Sweaters on standby in case it drops fifty degrees in a day, like it did from ninety-six to forty-six at the beginning of last month.

summer work wear

6 solid tank tops
6 solid t-shirts

I actually have way more tank tops and t-shirts than that, way more I even knew I had, seriously, I have eleven solid tank tops? Oh right, because I used to work more.

And I have a sweater for the office:

1 black cardigan

Which I hate, but I also hate shopping.

That leaves the main question for summer work wear, which is shoes. I mean, I could wear my fatbabys three seasons of the year. But I like how leggings look with no socks and flats, though for me that means no show socks and some kind of sneakers. Something that I could ride my bike in, or run up the stairs in.

6 black no show socks
black pumas?

Ha ha, I have nineteen pairs of no show socks. What, I like to change my socks.

Shoe shopping, though. Ugh.