Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Work Wear: Shoes

summer work wear new shoes


I was momentarily annoyed with myself because I couldn't find any shoes that I really liked except these Dansko sandals, and I wasn't thinking that sandals would be appropriate for my work, but I really like the black patent leather and the footbed actually fits my flat feet, so I bought them and I was putting them on my shoe shelf and came across the two pairs of my sister's sandals that I was saving for summer. But I resolved my annoyance by deciding that those sandals could be for pastime wear, they're probably too casual for work. Black patent leather is fancy! Maybe that can be my thing?

I was hung up on getting summer shoes because I thought I should get shoes that I could ride my bike to work in. But I live two blocks from the blue line and it lets me out literally at the front door of my work, I finally had to be honest with myself that I will never choose to ride my bike to work. When I can sleep until eight and not even have to leave the house until nine.

My morning workout is to run up the stairs from the station to the street, which these shoes are fine for. My fitness goal is not be out of breath when I'm ordering my coffee and bagel.

Since they're sandals, I finally painted my toenails. Getting monthly pedicures in summer used to be my major indulgence, but they're so expensive and they take up so much time. Seeing that little pop of color makes me so happy, though. I really never mastered painting my own nails, but do you know what about painting your toes? How often are you going to be close enough to your toes to see that they're sort of Abstract Expressionist, that's what.