Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Buyer's Guide to Wrist Guards and Elbow and Knee Pads: 187

Thumbs up to 187s all around!

187 wrist guard

I like these wrist guards so much better than the Rector Proformers, they're just a little bit contoured and fit closer to my hand.

187 elbow pad

And I love 187 elbow pads, they were actually my first elbow pad. I traded my first pair to Biggie for her Pro-Tec Park elbows because I thought I was going to stay with recreational derby and then like three weeks later I tried out for WCR. I'm not too fussy about elbow pads, I can't think when I've fallen on my elbows. So I mainly want them to be slim and not slip, which the Pro-Tecs did. I never really liked my Rector Fatboy elbows, just too bulky and the bottom strap always slipped. But 187s are small and close-fitting, and actually feel more secure on.

187 knee pad

I was dubious about 187 knee pads because they're so huge. No worries though, I hardly even notice them on.