Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Buyer's Guide to Ankle and Foot Booties


When I finally learned to lean into the turns, I had to start wearing ankle booties because rolling on the side of my right foot was giving me a blister on the inside arch of my foot. The booties reduce friction, so your feet don't rub—so, no blisters. I wear them on my bare feet, under my socks.

Which means, by the way, that my booties are my worst-smelling gear by far. I think, though, that wearing them over your socks defeats the blister protection, though I know some people do. I hand wash my booties at least every week, emphasis more on "at least every week" more than hand wash. They're quick-drying, which is one of their performance features; but as it happens, it's also a handy care feature.

So far as I know, ankle booties are made by Ezeefit Sports, and they come in three different thicknesses depending on what you need. They make full foot booties, too.

[ETA 4/16/11: You know what, I have started wearing the booties over my socks and still get good blister protection and they don't smell so much.]