Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Buyer's Guide to Wrist and Elbow Gaskets

wrist and arm gaskets

Stop the presses, Sunshine N Painbows gave me a tip about these industrial gloves and sleeves that are great for wearing as gaskets under your wrist guards and elbow pads. I've always worn cotton socks with the toes cut off under my elbow pads, and nothing on my hands. Which has meant that my wrist guards stink. These lightweight open fingertip gloves, though, feel like nothing and do a fine job soaking up sweat. Tami and I split a box of fifty gloves. Not that I need twenty-five pairs of gloves, they're washable even. I also got ten pairs of the sleeves just to, um, match. I figure that's two weeks' worth of practices.

I also really, really, want a pair of those accordian dry box sleeves. Just in case I want to dress up as a robot!