Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter Pastime Wear

miniskirt and tights

"Pastime" wear, you know, is what I wear for going out not for work or for practice. Which is a very slim subset, like this was the outfit that I wore to see the doctor. And also what I wear to talk to Myra, and actually I wear my snowsuit if it's very cold. Eee, I love my snowsuit. Otherwise, though, I seem to have settled on miniskirts for winter wear. Because I have to wear layers in winter for warmth, and layers under pants are too bulky and also pants are impossible with boots. Tights with leggings are actually really warm and slim, and they look cute with knee high snowboots.

For work I wear leggings over tights, and for pastime I wear tights over leggings. For the stripes! I picked up two pairs—you know I did, always at least two of everything— of these striped cotton tights from Target two Halloweens ago, a black and white pair and a black and orange pair, and never wore them much. These are the kind of tights that creep down your butt, so halfway through the day the crotch of your tights is halfway to your knees. But they stay up if you wear them over leggings, I guess because they have something to grip. It's the same with knee socks for me, I actually wonder if it's because I have no hair on my legs. Ha ha, is that how knee socks stay up? Human velcro? I took another look these tights when I saw Trixie's black and white stockings on Deadwood. Yeah, the prostitute. Now I've worn holes through the feet, so I cut them off and I also cut the perfectly good feet off the black and orange pair to, um, match. Always at least two of everything. So technically these are leggings now.

My ancient black skating dresses have been pressed into service as the miniskirt part of this outfit. They are just barely long enough, I will have to see about new skirts for spring...