Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thirteen Sweaters

thirteen sweaters

I will never make it as a fashion blogger, or really any kind of consumer blogger, because I could never provide that steady stream of stuff that, I take it, isn't even meant all to be acquired, but just desired. I don't even want the mental clutter. Because I need that space to think about whether or not there's an appreciable difference between mental and physical clutter. If all physical objects exist as mental forms, then physical clutter simultaneously exists in the mind? It's the mental aspect of physical clutter that concerns me. Roughly I think that your possessions should not exceed the capacity of your mind to catalog them, you should be able to comprehend what you own. And it's so incredibly much easier to pare down your possessions than to expand your mind.

So I weeded out some more of my sweaters, and these are the thirteen sweaters that I'm wearing with the four miniskirts that I wear to work. Thirteen seems like a ton of sweaters to me, and I don't think I have a lot of sweaters. I wonder how many sweaters people who have a lot of sweaters have.

I have four more black sweaters that I couldn't toss: an angora V neck pullover that I got from the free pile at the space, I think it was Wreck's, it's super soft and warm; the mohair cardigan that my mom knitted for herself in the fifties, I would wear this as my summer office cardigan except it has a hole in the sleeve, but obviously it's a keeper and I still wear it out; a cotton cardigan that I did wear as last summer's office cardigan, I sort of hate it so maybe I'll get another, but just in case I don't; and a cotton crew neck pullover that I knitted when I was in college, actually an amazing piece of knitwear, but too big because I wore everything too big back then, and not my style anymore, but it took the better part of a year to knit...