Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Work Wear

fat babys

Eeeee, my new spring boots!

I knew that I couldn't keep wearing snowboots, now that it's nicer out. I do have a pair of black knee high boots that I used to wear all the time for work, but they have heels and I think I have to be done with heels. And I still want to wear miniskirts with leggings, and I like boots instead of shoes because then I don't have figure out what socks to wear. And I do have a pair of brown hiking boots that I love, but I'm thinking that I have to dress it up a little more than that.

Not a lot more than that, though. I can wear fun boots to work if I want to. I did only want this boot in black. A lot of the Derby Lite ladies have these Fat Baby boots in different colors, but Vivi Sewhot has them in black patent. I found them on just one website, who had them in just one size. And it was my size. I have such weird feet, I normally never buy shoes online. It seemed like kismet though, I threw caution to the winds and hooray they fit—