Tuesday, May 8, 2012

T-Shirt Surgery: TFFY

So every year WCR has a fancy Black & Blue Ball, I dressed up the first two years in floor length formal gowns and four inch heels and after the second year I said Never again. From now on, I want be comfortable and I want to dance the whole night. Result: you can see my surgered t-shirt and shiny pants with fatboy boots in action here:


Here's the t-shirt:

TFFY t-shirt

TFFY stands for Team Fury Fuck Yeah, which is our team cheer.

Naturally I left making the t-shirt to the morning of the ball, but sometimes I find leaving things until the last minute releases the Force and you sort of confidently feel your way around doing the thing. I didn't rush. I made test swatches out of the sleeves that I took off the shirt.

Here are my tips:

  • Remember what's going to read as the letters aren't the cut-outs but the pins, lay out the pins to see how to form the letters.
  • Mark the cut-outs with a ruler and a white colored pencil.
  • Don't cut out the intersections between strokes, do cut out vertical, horizontal, and diagonal strokes separately with fabric in between.
  • So then you pin over the cut-outs and also the fabric in between, and the overall illusion is that the entire letter is cut out underneath the pins
  • If you wear a nude bra, it looks racy like you're not wearing anything underneath.