Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Pastime Wear
 Levi's Curve ID jeans

levis bold curve skinny boot cut jeans

So it's only been a year since I said I would look into Levi's Curve ID jeans, whaaaaat, I hate shopping! Then again I'll spend a year dreading having to shop for jeans, and then ten minutes trying them on and slapping down my credit card. Though I did lock myself out of my dressing room, so not counting that.

It's pretty cool, they have a special measuring tape that measures your waist, your hip, and the rise between your waist and your hip, and ba-bing! Bold Curve, mamas. Though I could have told her that a 32 leg was going to be footie pajamas on me. These are 30 x 30 Bold Curve Modern Rise Skinny Boot Leg jeans; I don't know though, they just fit my thighs. I tried to tell her that I'm going to be making my thighs bigger this summer, but she just looked confused. And they do fit, today. I usually buy two of everything, but I've steadily grown out of all the bottoms that I've bought in the last four or five years and have learned my lesson. And if you're just a bit smaller than me, you've learned that you might have a pretty nice pair of pants coming to you in about six months.

I mean, I'm not specifically planning to get bigger; it just could happen. I'm just now formulating my summer fitness plan, I don't have any body goals but I want to get my diet as clean as it's ever been. And I want to work up to swinging that 55# kettlebell. Whatever that does to my body, we shall see.