Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Buyer's Guide to Toe Stops: Snyder Rounds

snyder round toe stopssnyder round toe stops after one month

As you can see, my Snyder rounds are showing some wear after just a month of use. Doesn't seem to be affecting their function, just saying. My web stops didn't seem to wear at all, well, until I lost a little piece of them on Thanksgiving playing roller hockey in the driveway with my nephew.

I had imagined that the round toe stop would give me some bounce, and maybe it does. Just not what I was picturing, which was more out of The Matrix. But I have been doing noticably better at turn stops, I think partly because my turns improved after I taught them at Derby Lite and partly I think it is the toe stops. If I recall correctly, I always had a little more trouble with turn stops than turns. Always at that point when I had to set down my toe stops, I'd have to catch my balance. Now I touch down and slide backwards as nice as you please, which actually you can see from the wear. I think the web stops were too flat to catch me when I needed.

So thumbs up for the rounds, for now. Back in a month.