Monday, January 31, 2011

I Had A Dream

the track, the snowbank, and the lake

so i had this crazy dream that the fury and the double crossers were scrimmaging on ice. there was an outer track, then there was a snowbank on the inside that went steeply down to a cold lake in the middle.

karma in a plastic easter egg

so like there's no whistle to start the jam, there's this soft buzzer that you have to listen for and there's a bunch of fans in the front of the pack that start off before everybody else. the double crossers are all behind us, and i look back and karma's coming up the track in a plastic easter egg.



go-go says YEAH HIT THEM

between jams i ask go-go, are we supposed to hit the fans? and go-go's like, YEAH, HIT THEM!

everybody says KNOCK HER DOWN

so next time out, i hit this woman off the track onto the snowbank. and everybody's yelling, KNOCK HER DOWN! so i knock her down, she falls and rolls down the snowbank into the lake. and everybody looks at me like BAD POPPY, and i start to argue that everybody told me to knock her down!

i feel bad

and then somebody goes, somebody better go get that woman. she is sinking like a stone in the lake. i really feel bad about that, i didn't know she couldn't swim.

papa dives in

papa dives in and drags her back up by the chin, and swims with one arm back to the bank. YAY PAPA.

the end.