Friday, January 7, 2011

January Diet Quality Card

january daily diet card

I'm still weirdly not hungry, I also weighed in at 144 pounds on New Years Day! I know I said that I don't mind getting bigger, but I suspect that, well first, there was Winterval food, and then there was three days of being sick on the couch and downing, I kid you not, a liter of Coke each day, and about an equal amount of water, and also tea with honey and hemp milk. When I'm sick, I'm serious about fluids. If I wasn't 100% hydrated before, I sure as hell am now. But also things have been pretty carby, I hate to say that I'm actually craving meat. Well, we'll see about that. Also hemp milk is lower in protein and higher in fat than silk, I think it'll have to be almond milk for tea and oatmeal.

Per 1 cup or 8 fluid ounces:


I made sweet potato pie for NY Day and that reminded me I used to make little pumpkin treats for snacks, basically pumpkin pie filling baked in lined muffin tins with a Nilla wafer at the bottom, and that I could do that with pumpkin or sweet potato. Not vegan, obviously. And I don't know how bad it is to eat a Nilla wafer every day, maybe it's not bad. But it means having a box of Nilla wafers in the house. And this is how I think, you know, you can just eat the baked sweet potato. I'm going to try that, that's even easier than kale chips.