Thursday, January 23, 2014

State of the Biz
 winter 2014

odie's larder

It's an embarrassment of riches, really. Guarded by ninjas.

There are still three clients, I love them and they are all doing well. And we are halfway through our six week plyos bootcamp, ahhhhh.

Now coming up is a fork in the road, travel team tryouts. Ahhh.

It's not a fork fork that leads me away in one direction, never the twain shall meet. Idk, I told you, I am weirdly in the moment with my life this year, it's not about getting to my destination, to any destination, it's about where do I want to be right now, what do I want to be doing right now.

My brief history with travel teams: Tried out in 2010, didn't expect to and didn't make the team. Tried out in 2011, expected to and didn't make the team, which sent me into therapy. Well, possibly it was the combination of my sister dying and not making Second Wind that sent me into therapy. Didn't try out in 2012 because I was studying for my trainer certification, and didn't try out in 2013 because I thought I was done with that. But then tried out for Third Coast later that year, made the team, perfect attendance, jammer of the year.

Right now. Between my day job and my three clients, I'm making a living, i.e., paying all my bills, in the black. I can live like this indefinitely. I sort of love my life, not to attract the attention of the gods.

I could:

  • Choose to train more. Offer round two of plyos, which is going well, after this one finishes. Or run an all rolling and stretching class up the flagpole and see if four to six people salute. Or go looking for a 7:00pm Tuesday client, and while I'm at it, a 2:30pm Saturday client, and maybe a 5:30pm Thursday client. Geez, three new clients, I could buy this Bears jersey that I really really want.
  • Take a chance on trying out for Second Wind. Which I'm pretty much decided on. I'll try out if I can make tryouts, I don't know yet if it conflicts with my Saturday training appointment and I will choose to keep that. If I can't make tryouts, I can still ask to be considered. Following that, there's just two possible results:
    • make the team
    • don't make the team

If I make the team, it means not having time for another Tuesday client or class, because practice, and also not having my nice Sunday routine, because practice. It means I can hold the line but not grow the biz until I see this through. I would have decided against if it had meant not holding the line, if you want to know. I'm okay with holding, but not retreating.

If I don't make the team, then it's back to Plan A. How often do you get to do that.

This is kind of weird, you'd think that the thing to do is be the master of your fate; you'd think that reading 80% of the self-help that's out there. Which I think I do. But I actually feel... like I control too much of my life. Like I don't want to write myself into a corner, I like to leave blanks for twists and turns that I wouldn't have thought of.