Monday, December 16, 2013

HIIT The Deck!
 six week plyos bootcamp starting 1/7

For folks in the Chicago area:

Come jump with me, come jump, let's jump awaaaay! I have a new toy, a plyo box! That I finally moved into the studio at Tsubo, I've only owned it a year. Terrible story, it was sitting in our front room for months and then I explained to the sweetie man with giant hand gestures how I wanted him to cut apart the coffee cart and put it back together so the plyo box would tuck under and I could pull it out and jump in the kitchen. Which amazingly, he did, the plyo box tucked perfectly underneath and wasn't seen for seven months. Now it lives at Tsubo, let's jump on it!

I think we will also jump rope, yes? I have a really sweet speed rope that you can borrow, but you may want to BYOJR if you're much taller or shorter than 5'4" and honestly a jump rope is one of the best fitness investments you can make, you can get a cheapie like this one from Target and it'll do you fine for this class or here's a bunch from Rogue Fitness, I think I have the SR-3S; you want a speed rope if you want to do double unders, I think. Which I cannot, yet. Yet!

Aaand, let's do this deck style. The deck is a deck of cards, you assign an exercise for each suit, and by "you," I mean I assign them, mwahaha, well, you already know one is going to be box jumps and one is going to be jump rope, that leaves two ::tents fingers:: shuffle and deal, the suit tells you what and the number tells you how many, jacks are eleven, queens are twelve, kings are thirteen, and aces are high. Woot!

This will be a four to six week one-hour session from 7:00-8:00pm starting Tuesday, January 7 through February 11 at Tsubo. Four to six weeks means, you purchase a four week session for $40. Use all four, and you get your fifth session free. Use all five in a row, and your sixth session is also free, boom.

This is how I do because, especially with plyos but really with anything, a) consistency will yield results, and b) there is such a thing as decision fatigue, so you can decide ONCE that you're going to do plyos for the next six weeks, and then after you get your ass kicked the first session, you don't have to re-decide whether this was a good idea. It is a good idea!

Seriously especially for you skaters, plyos is where it's at. Plyos is, first of all, movement, you have to be able to organize your parts to move them the way you want first, if you want them to move the way you want fast, okay second, speed, which means third, fitness, both cardiovascular and muscular, and if you must care about such things, okay fine, all of this adds up to fat burning. And you know what, it'll make you a better dancer, what's with this disaffected swaying back and forth that kids do, can we dance with some pop and enthusiasm, yes please!

Holla at me at allapoppy (at) gmail (dot) com for signup details—first come, first serve up to eight.