Thursday, December 19, 2013

State of the Break
 fall 2013

Blog break is the bessssst. Because your mind, or my mind, is like an assembly line that rolls stuff by you to deal with, and if you don't keep up dealing with stuff as it rolls out, then stuff starts to pile up and and actually I think that makes more stuff roll out faster. So okay, for blogging there's two kinds of stuff, ideas for stuff that you want to write about, and holes that you have to fill with stuff, and honestly you would think you could just stuff the ideas into the holes, but somehow the ideas and the holes just end up in a giant heap on the floor. Or they form a whirlwind of flying monkeys in your head, that also happens. So one way to deal with all that in one fell swoop is to say, Okay, I've decided what I'm going to have on the blog from Dec 1-20 is NOTHING, which means all the holes labeled Dec 1-20 get thrown right out, and all the ideas can go into this box labeled BE QUIET, and then you can deal with whatever's left.

Which was a lot, it's been a very busy break! I mean, I'm just generally busier than I've ever been, out of the house five nights of the week, and during the holidays there are so many invitations and Winterval things to do, and our season opener squeezed in for good measure, so also street teaming, aaand Black & Blue Ball. All of which is, already, behind us. I might have told you this already but, here's my thing: time marches at the same steady pace, no matter what. So you might have an insane week with your hair on fire coming up, but it's going to last just that, a week, and then it'll be behind you. Not that insanity can't follow you all year round, which is another thing to work on. Anyway. I got through it all and the only ball I dropped was Riley's breakfast with Santa, which I was sad about. I guess that's the other thing, you'll get through but maybe not with all the balls that you started with.

slouching to winterval

And Winterval is coming, like, tomorrow, I still haven't made my tea light holder or gotten any of the eight presents. I have until Xmas to get those, though. I have my client and scrimmage tonight, work tomorrow, and there's a draft party tomorrow night—yerk!—and thennn I have SIX DAYS OFF because my boss decided that it didn't make sense for people to come in Monday and then not on Tuesday and Wednesday, woot, that is logic that I can live with.

Actually I'm going to be on an extended break remix through Winterval, just posts about Winterval, not getting back to business yet.