Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice
 put up tree

winter day

On Winter Solstice we put up the tree, here is Odie on the business end of the tree where his Xmas mittens await Santa's blessings. I did apparently already make a tree skirt last year, hand-beaded even, though in typical fashion it doesn't quite work in the real world like it did in my head, not enough coverage, so I borrowed a lace slip from myself that I might permanently sew on as an underskirt. The owls that I made from toilet paper tubes perch precariously on the branches, I see that I left myself a note to hot glue tiny clothespins on them for feet. Hyeah. Or just keep knocking them off the branches and rescuing them for the next ten days. I'm also supposed to make a snowy owl angel, I'm going to need a bigger tube...