Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day


three ninjas  popcorn

Santa brought Odie ...a batlef! And also three little ninjas. And popcorn for Bow and Goatse.

Boy I have been ON POINT since the solstice trying to get everything to happen for Winterval so far, erev winterval dinner, the tree, almost eight presents, getting back on track with cooking practices, and then Christmas was unusually social for me, delivering food to Nipps and Babe, such a relief to see them gingerly walking and talking, gingerly, but walking and talking, and then to Sparty and Hoosier's for Friendmas.

So it's great to a) not be working on Boxing Day, and b) not have a plan at all, well, later on I'll be leading a nice and easy eighty percent practice just to keep my arms and legs moving over break. Did I mention that it's league break? It's league break. This past blog break and this league break have been the least break-y breaks ever, but they've still been good. I think I'm getting good at squeezing in little breaks, or contrast breaks. Like today I'm pinballing from random task to whatever task seems at hand and it's just what the doctor ordered, like it's a break from having a direction. And, a slo-mo pinball. Who has not even had breakfast yet.