Thursday, January 16, 2014

Early Winter Thursday Cooking Practice
 slow carne, greens, and sweet potato

Thursday's cooking practice is slow carne asada or carnitas, greens, and sweet potatoes.

First, I do the carne asada or carnitas: chop what needs to be chopped, cut the meat into large pieces, mix up the spices, and rub them on the meat, layer it all in the slow cooker where it sits and smells good for four hours on low or two hours on high, still playing with that.

Next, I put on a pot for water for the greens. A thing that I did with the Korean ground beef and Chinese ground pork, which I sort of miss, is after I blanched the greens, I just sauteed them in the pan the meat cooked in, so it picked up all those flavors. Now I just blanch them a little longer, drain and cool them in cold running water, squeeze them and put them away.

Last, the sweet potatoes. I do four at a time, scrub them, put them in a baking pan, and throw them in a 400 degree oven, and set a timer for an hour so I don't forget they're in there.

fistfuls of greens

The sweet potatoes get halved and put away, and the meat gets shredded and put away. When you have an hour between coming home from work and going out to practice, you bleat I NEED FOODZ and the sweetie man fixes a bowl for you and heats it in the microwave:

slow carne, greens, and sweet potato

The greens are a little bland, so I mush it all together to get a little of the spices from the meat on the greens.