Monday, April 2, 2012

Poached Eggs in Oatmeal
 with sweet potato bean mash

poached egg in oatmeal with sweet potato bean mash

So I'm really trying to eat protein for breakfast, but it was too cold to eat yogurt and how do you make eggs at work? Then I stumbled upon some instructions for poaching eggs in the microwave, I played around with it and ended up with this.

Though I draw the line at taking pictures of my food at work. Here it is modeling in my windowsill.

I have really cranked down my sweet tooth, even oatmeal with dried fruit is too sweet for me. Sweet potato is just sweet enough, and I swear with the beans it tastes like mochi.

1/4 cup quick cook oats
two eggs
sweet potato bean mash

First, the mash, which I happened to have on hand from a bout day breakfast. Remember the four sweet potatoes that you baked all at once? Rinse and drain a can of black or red beans and mash them. Grab one of your sweet potatoes and mash it into the mashed beans. This is also good just as a bed under some fried eggs, or fried into cakes.

Put the oats in a microwavable bowl and stir some hot water into them, enough to make it just soupy. Crack the eggs into the bowl and microwave it on high for 1-2 minutes, it depends on your microwave and whether you started with hot water like I said. I do 90 seconds in the microwave at my work, then I let the eggs sit for another 30 seconds.

Spoon some sweet potato bean mash over the oatmeal and stir it in.