Monday, April 30, 2012

Diet Quality Card Conclusion

Eighteen months of diet quality cards is enough.

What I've learned is: if I follow my food plan, my diet quality card will be all right. If I don't, it won't.

If I stick to my schedule, my food plan stays together. If I don't, it falls apart. And when it falls apart, I fall back on: bagel with cream cheese, sandwich, chips, and Coke, chicken torta, mac and cheese.

Things that interfere with my schedule: taking an exam that I've studied a year for. Bouts. Bouts, actually, are okay, bout followed by two Sunday track setup shifts for no particular reason, though enjoyable, not the greatest idea ever. That probably falls under Too much socializing. Getting sick.

When I will get it together for good: Never. There will be good weeks and bad weeks. After a bad week, pick yourself up and start over with a good week. The purpose of having a standard isn't to always live up to that standard, it's to have something sticking up out of the ground so that you can find your way back.