Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Work Wear

spring work wear

I have not gone shoe shopping yet for spring work shoes, I love how I say that as if "going shoe shopping" is something I actually do. And yes, I know that internet shoe shopping has been invented. My trust issues with buying shoes on the internet haven't caught up yet with the three pairs of boots that I have bought on the internet, and that I love in fact. So anyway, I am wearing my fatboy boots for work until this impasse breaks.

I have replaced my too short cotton sateen miniskirts with stretch cotton miniskirts, Xhiliration from Target. They have a really cute zipper detail in back that I guess doesn't show. Ha ha.

Work wear is as work wear does is another thing to think about. Meaning that I might be doing something else for work sooner or later? So wearing something else then.