Friday, March 30, 2012

March Diet Quality Card

march diet card

So far, so good. All bases covered, and this is as easy a meal plan as any. It's three-fifths food that you can scoop into a bowl: yogurt and apples, peanut butter apple, cereal and almonds. Baked chicken is just as easy as slow cooked and I'm sorry to say that I was getting tired of the texture of slow chicken, something to solve when it comes up again. I will have to see how the pasta goes, pasta with sauteed vegetables is sort of single occasion. Not like pasta with veg pesto that you make a lot of and eat for a week. I could probably make do with sweetie man leftovers for dinners. Then I would only have to actually cook once a week. I wonder if I'm just going into a cooking lull, or if I'm winding down on cooking for the rest of my life.

The sweetie man doesn't cook, you know. I mean, he cooks for me once a week. Otherwise though, he eats, like, all apples and carrots. Like a horse!