Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shoes So Far


So I am trying to build a shoe collection, four pairs of shoes per season. That will be sixteen pairs of shoes, though right now I am still working up to twelve pairs of shoes since the same shoes can serve for spring and fall. In my dreams I would like to have entirely different sets of shoes for the seasons. Which means I will own four pairs of Crocs eventually, just you wait. Not just yet, though. I don't have that much money to buy shoes, and also I just spent it on skates.

In the meantime, some shoes work across seasons and across, um, my work/play taxonomy. Which is how my shoes are organized. WHAT. So for winter I had huntress boots for work, fleece-lined crocs for hobby, hiking boots for play and also pastime because I only ever wear my snowsuit when I go out in winter and I always wear my hiking boots with that. Though I have plans to mend my old hiking boots and turn them into glitter boots, which I don't know how they would do in snow...

So now it's spring. Not the usual lingering winter, though. Like hello, summer. I had planned to stretch my huntress boots into a few more months, but it's just too hot. I had a less wintery knee high boot bookmarked, that might have worked for sixty degrees. Is it going to be sixty degrees ever? I tried my ankle boots from last fall for a day and decided that day that I'm done with heels. They're cute, but they hurt. I'm serious about reducing unnecessary stress in my life, hurty shoes are right out. That leaves the small stress of feeling like I have stumpy-looking legs. But hey, less stress doesn't mean none. So I guess I need a short, flat boot. I think this is also known as a "shoe." Maybe I will get a Dansko clog.

For hobby, my same old crocs. For play, my running shoes. I wonder if I will ever be so decadent to have a different pair of running shoes for every season. I learned an interesting thing about running shoes, lots of people keep their old running shoes to wear around; but the support's gone, so it can mess up your posture. I have a couple of really old pairs of running shoes stashed in different workout locations, I should probably retire them.

For pastime, my fatboy boots! I love them. Last year I was wearing these to work, but I think they're too fun for work. I like to look down at my feet and know if I'm supposed to be having fun or not.

Looking at this picture, I'm thinking that really those hiking boots are pastime shoes and really running shoes are extraneous to this collection. So maybe I just need three pairs of shoes per season, and just a pair of running shoes for the year. So all I need to get is a pair of clogs. And another pair of Crocs.