Wednesday, December 2, 2009

With Friends Like These Who Needs Marines

pom So Saturday afternoon Pom is all like, Let's do a hundred pushups yeah! and since doing the tiny tricep pushups with Busty for six weeks, my pushups are pretty good. Suddenly in the middle of the six weeks, I could drop and do ten full pushups pretty much no problem; and now I can do twenty.

So I drop and do twenty, and then I go to a games party with Zombea and Shannana & I find out when I get home that she meant a hundred pushups today. Man, I could have spaced them out & done them. But anyway I drop and do thirty, knowing that I'm sure gonna get a ton of pushups in at rioters practice tomorrow.

I'm driving home from practice when Pom texts: Pushups! We are at 72 at speed practice for today. Catch up!

I text back, Done baby! Fifty yesterday, twenty when I woke up, thirty at practice!

Pom texts back: No. Today! We started over! :)

Oh, she meant a hundred pushups every day.

I am stubborn. And I am proud. And I am not going to count today's fifty for yesterday towards today's hundred. I drop and do twenty.

I text back, 20...

ETA: Pom would like to clarify that 100 pushups every other day would actually be safer and more productive.