Monday, December 28, 2009



The hardest thing about this is getting out of the house when it's twenty degrees, but tell yourself this: it'll be over quick. It's, like, ten really intense minutes of exercise. Getting dressed to go out in the freezing cold actually takes longer than the actual exercise, um, in the freezing cold.

I layer up:

  • sport bra, leggings, socks
  • t-shirt, running pants
  • hoody, sweatpants
  • hat, neckwarmer, gloves

Jog halfway around the block to the schoolyard, where I do:

  • Forward/backward suicides 5x
  • Forward/backward cooldown 1x
  • Side/side suicides 5x
  • Side/side cooldown 1x

Then I run the rest of the way around the block back home.

These will not be happening, of course not, if it's snowing or raining, or if there's snow on the ground, or ice. As in, not last week at all. In which case I have suicide substitutes...

Work up to two sequences Tuesday and Thursday.