Monday, October 19, 2009

Underachiever Chex Mix

I've been spending a fortune on chex mix from the shop downstairs, which I can't really afford. But also I can't be buttering my own chex mix every weekend, it's just not going to happen. Just like my gear isn't going to get washed if I can't throw it into the washing machine, and nobody wants that. And also I can't make myself eat an apple for my afternoon snack, I tried all last week and DO NOT WANT. Want something salty and crunchy that I can wash down with a Diet Coke.

So basically, I just throw a handful of each of the following into a bunch of containers. It's chex, it's mixed, what more do you want—

1/4 cup wheat chex
1/4 cup corn chex
1/4 cup mixed nuts
eight or so sourdough nibblers

Per serving, 313 calories