Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Month of Salutations and Squat Thrusts: Week One-ish

20091007_chalktalk1. Stand in mountain pose
2. Forward bend
3. Look up, flatten your back
4. Walk yourself out to a plank
5. Five half tricep pushups
6. Lower yourself down for chaturanga
7. Peel yourself up for upward dog
8. Curl your toes under for downward dog
9. Lunge your right foot between your hands
10. Warrior I
11. Warrior II
12. Back for the reverse
13. Warrior III
14. Cartwheel your hands down to the floor
15. Extend your right foot back and up
16. Lunge your right foot between your hands
17. Come up for tree pose

Repeat leading with your left foot.

Then, ten squat thrusts. Squat thrusts are also known as burpees. So much easier to do them after I've warmed up with salutations. I just can't jump around like that right out of bed.

Sorry about the lack of detailed instructions, in this and in general when I write about fitness. Writing instructions is hard! And really, you need pictures for yoga & I am not ready to have pictures of myself in a leotard on the internet. These are just cheat sheets, they sort of assume that you have a working knowledge of yoga and/or skating & if you don't, you probably want somebody to teach you in person—