Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashion FML and Fall Plan

So I seem to have gotten started on the project of photographing all my clothes, because I have a hole in my head. I was just excited about my new fall skirts! Then as long as I had the tripod set up, I took pictures of my pants. Now when I look into my closet, I see a to do list of unphotographed clothes.

I do think it's a lifesaver sometimes to post a photo or a poppydoodle instead of putting together words, words, words. But I always forget that preparing images also takes work, and the advantage of writing is that you can do it wherever and whenever. Whereas a photo shoot is going to take up my Saturday afternoon.

On the other hand, I would sort of love to see all my clothes laid out like playing cards. Maybe if I just do my work clothes...

Anyway, this is my fall fashion plan for work:

Monday: Dress pants
Tuesday: Dress skirts
Wednesday: Casual pants
Thursday: Casual skirts
Friday: Jeans

I really wanted these orange Old Navy cords, and also in gray, for casual pants Wednesday, but I was too busy to shop and now they don't have them in my size anymore. I can do without, it's not like I didn't recycle the same three pants and two skirts the whole first three months at my job. I mean, the reason I need a fashion plan is to shame myself into not wearing the same damn clothes day in and day out.

Stop me though, before I do this: Days of the Week Tags on Living Locurto, via Lifehacker. It's not that I don't love them, just don't... just don't get me started.