Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Month of Salutations and Squat Thrusts: Week Twoish

20091014_salutationsThe long rays on the suns, by the way, represent squat thrusts, and the short rays represent tricep pushups. So we have a couple of happy but bald suns hanging out this week and also a skull and crossbones over on Sunday, what's that about?

Well, remember how I was talking about waiting for the elephant in the room to exhale? That's the elephant. That is to say, the skull and crossbones is the Windy City Rollers. Which Sunday I tried out for, and I am in!

After which I had a Derby Lite practice to lead later that afternoon; and so the suns are bald because I've been too sore for squat thrusts and tricep pushups, because pretty much only my head and my forearms didn't hurt after all that—