Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wine Spritzer

wine spritzer

I'm back on the sauce, wooooo!

For a time I was figuring out a different alcoholic drink for every season on my ultimate food chart and it wasn't working, it seemed dumb to make drinking into a habit if it wasn't happening on its own; but then, it did. Start happening. Don't worry, okay? Everybody who really knows me is Not Worried. Drinking has never worked for me, well, because my dad was an alcoholic, but also because I have an incredibly minuscule tolerance for alcohol. And I've never wanted to override the latter because of the former. Still it seems pleasant to drink and be mildly buzzed, I've never had that. I'm down for a little mind alteration now and again. And a few things have been coming together over the past couple years that have pointed me toward how to get that, viz., drinking mulled wine at Box and Brawla's Thanksgiving dinners, discovering Stiegl Radlers after Third Coast tryouts last summer, discovering prosecco and wine in general at Trouble's wine parties.

I drink comically little as it is—whoever sits next to me at the bar gets the other half of my beer—but I've discovered the trick is to drink even less than that, like homeopathic quantities of alcohol. Like wine instead of liquor in cocktails or for that matter, instead of wine.

Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon housecleaning with songza and wine spritzers. Here's my recipe for those of you who need your prosecco watered down with soda and ice.


Fill a glass with ice, fill half the glass with prosecco, and finish with aranciata.